Gentle Yoga


Access all areas! A no flow class designed to stretch and length through yoga poses, props to help us gain the most from this practice.  - 60 mins

Beginners welcome.


Yoga Sculpt


A fast paced Yoga Practice where we use light weights and resistance bands to increase the load - 50 mins with a 10 min mindful reset to finish.  


Flow Yoga


A Vinyasa Style class , medium to fast pace practice linking yoga postures together with a creative flow. 60 mins


Rise & Shine  


An invigorating Yoga practice to give your body and mind the best start to the day - 45 mins


Yin Yoga


Come, roll out your mat and leave everything behind as we mindfully move through seated postures holding, resting , sinking into them for 2 to 5mins to get a deep, deep stretch. Here you will begin to find space in body and mind where it once was. Leave this class floating on a little cloud.